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Wardrobe Design

Design your kitchen cabinet with these 4 different materials to make your kitchen design a modern and elegant look. Each material has its personality that can bring your kitchen cabinet a unique kitchen concept. The most important is there are many color options to choose from when it comes to color matching.


Swing Door Wardrobe

The swing door wardrobe is not an old-school closet series. It can be designed modernly like a featured wall in your bedroom while storing your clothes and other kinds of stuff.

melamine abs kitchen cabinets
sliding door wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

The sliding door wardrobe is a series that helps space-saving as it’s good for limited space. It’s actually an option for better utilization of your space.


Full-height Sliding Door Wardrobe

Want to have a sliding door wardrobe but not take the basic sliding wardrobe series with the swing doors on top? This series can achieve a full piece sliding door from top to bottom.

full height sliding door wardrobe
Open Concept Closet

Open Concept Closet

Ever dreamed of having a big closet area in your bedroom? Open concept closet design can achieve the ideal dressing area in their bedroom.