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Kitchen Cabinets

Design your kitchen cabinet with these 4 different materials to make your kitchen design a modern and elegant look. Each material has its personality that can bring your kitchen cabinet a unique kitchen concept. The most important is there are many color options to choose from when it comes to color matching.


Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

Melamine abs is a hardboard panel with some different grains in design and textures. You will find wood grain design, fabric design, and other nice design which may suit your kitchen cabinet.

melamine abs kitchen cabinets
3g glass door kitchen cabinets

3G Kitchen Cabinets

3G glass door could give your kitchen cabinet a fresh look as it brings out the glass’s glossy effect. The most important is that the glass door is easy to take care of. The edge of the door can be original or a different color with a powder coat option.


4G Glass Kitchen Cabinets

The 4G glass door could make your kitchen cabinet sleek and elegant as the door’s profile is a handleless & borderless concept. It could also make your kitchen design turn into a full glass kitchen  cabinet concept.

4g glass door kitchen cabinets
acrylic door kitchen cabinets 1

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

The acrylic door is the best option for making a trendy kitchen cabinet. This material is suitable to make it a door, or it can be infill, exposed panel, plinth and cornice. It is also a material that brings you safety as it’s unbreakable but looks like glass. For those worried about kids throwing things in the house, this is the best choice.